Name of Patriot: Capt. Enoch Enochs
NSSAR Patriot # P-154984

Submitted by: James L. Lockhart

Capt. Enoch Enochs was born on 29 Sep 1750 in the forks of the Capon River, Hampshire County, VA. He died in 1835 in Harriettsville, Monroe Co., OH. He was buried in the Harriettsville Cemetery, Noble Co., OH. He served in the military in the Revolutionary War under Col. Dorsey Petecost. He was a captain in Pennsylvania and Virginia. (Part 1, page 962, DAR Patriot Index, Centennial Index)

Capt. Enoch Enochs and Rebecca Morris were married in 1770 in Greene Co., PA. Rebecca Morris (daughter of Robert Morris and Elizabeth Ellison) was born in 1755 in Hampshire Co., VA. She died about 1835 in Ohio.

Capt. Enoch Enochs was the son of Henry Enochs and his wife Elizabeth. Not only was Enochs a veteran of the Revolutionary War but he also fought in the Indian Wars in western Virginia and eastern Ohio, as well as serving in the War of 1812. Enochs was noted as a hunter and a man of great ingenuity, especially as a gunsmith. He also made bed stands and other kinds of furniture.