Name of Patriot: Levy/Levi Shinn NSSAR Patriot #: P-332071

Submitted by: Henry L. Ruf, III

Levy or Levi Shinn, was born about 1748 in the vicinity of Burlington, New Jersey, a member of a Quaker family. His great grandfather, John Shinn, had settled there after arriving from England about 1678. Levi was a son of Clement and Elizabeth (Webb) Shinn and married Elizabeth Smith, daughter of James Smith, about 1772 probably in New Jersey. Shortly after marriage he headed for the Virginia frontier and in 1773 claimed "tomahawk rights" to land in the vicinity of present day Shinnston WV. He later brought his family there. After living a short period on Apple Pie Ridge near Winchester, Virginia they moved to the Shinnston WV area and built a log cabin by 1778 which is still standing and now a museum. His children were: Clement, Solomon, Sarah Waldo, Anna Whiteman, Aaron, Levi, Elizabeth Wilson, Moses and Isaiah. He became an extensive land owner and built a considerable fortune for that time. He helped to found the settlement which later became Shinnston.

Levi Shinn is credited with Patriotic Service as he paid the 1783 "Supply Tax" for Virginia.