Patrick ARCHER

Name of Patriot: Patrick Archer NSSAR Patriot # P-332072

Submitted by: Henry L. Ruf, III

Patrick Archer, was an Irish Catholic and weaver by trade who settled at Fort Jackson, which is presently Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, sometime after 1774. His son, Capt. James Archer was the first to settle there and then convinced his father and family to move there possibly from Maryland. The name of his wife is unknown but his children were: James, Joseph, Michael, Simon, Elizabeth Wells, Polly, Nancy and Jacob.

Patrick was born probably before 1727 and died after 28 Dec 1793 when he witnessed a deed of sale by his son, James, in Washington County, Pennsylvania. According to an early journal he helped in the defense of the frontier against the Indians with his son, James, and other family members. He is credited with Patriotic Service in Pennsylvania and Virginia by signing a petition for admittance to the federal union due to a boundary dispute between the two states in 1783.